If the work is not in a rush,and even naoborot scrap,but it brings not bad income,is it worth it to do?

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If the work is not in a rush,and even naoborot scrap,but it brings not bad income,is it worth it to do?
Asked: 11-09-2006 в 11:37:08

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well what can I say....
there are many options:
1) to work and hate everything
2) to work and try to find something good in the work
3) to work for promotion, i.e., to stay in the same firm but to focus on something like that...i.e. give a hint to the authorities that the current situation can be changed for the benefit of both parties... so if you rabotaete in the technical Department, and I want for example in marketing...
4) to work to find a new job... but who said that one of the awl is better than the other????
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:55:12
same garbage. I think not, and therefore dismissed.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:31:26
If you have an income and you have a family - it is better to work with. But if no family and You can afford it find a new job - it is better not to nilawati yourself. She had recently retired. But my income was small, and favorite work (until it's all etched)))
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:31:43
In my opinion, option 2
1) Worth it, because the other need to look for
2) Not worth it, better to find one that kicks but less income?
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:32:45
Well, if you have the opportunity to find another job! And as we have in the city if the work brings a good income, then you like her or don't like is the last question.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:34:30
Maybe try in this work to find the buzz??? Although this itself changed interesting but low-paid work, boring, but with s/n. However, sometimes there are glimpses.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:36:18
If you have prospects in another job, uvalnaya without hesitation!
or ask for a raise!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:37:00
In life do not always get our way, sometimes we have to make sacrifices. If you are confident of yourself, improvise!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:37:46
If no choice is standing.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:38:46
I'm in the same position. but do the following, run here and podiskivayu new place
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:38:51
The best option is to work while looking for a job with a large income
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:42:41
You know yourself that will not go away. Do not take the risk. So I think that there are 2 kinds of work: like for the money. We just need to change their attitude. Think about work, about how work is a means of making money. Not like about the garden where you flower. You do certain actions, you get them some money. And no emotion make WSS mental strength at close.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 08:53:56