Name at least 2 reasons why you LOVE Russia

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Name at least 2 reasons why you LOVE Russia

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1 Motherland
2 speak nice hearing my language
3 Russian soul, the relatives can give, and the man in the street to help just
4 no calculate one luck
only here the cops the girls all is forgiven

Answered: Лидия Лидия 11-09-2006 в 08:39:44
This is my home and I love it.
Answered: Виктор Виктор 11-09-2006 в 08:34:33
Something none find.
Answered: vzotin vzotin 11-09-2006 в 08:34:38
1. Here speak Russian.
2. Here the food is delicious.
Answered: Prt Prt 11-09-2006 в 08:36:11
I was born here and this is the most evil and exciting country in the world)))
Answered: mar_phusha mar_phusha 11-09-2006 в 08:36:15
Russia has a special soul no there is no such country.
Answered: Сергей Рагулин Сергей Рагулин 11-09-2006 в 08:36:17
I live here, I born here, I know where and how much!
Answered: Maksim Maksim 11-09-2006 в 08:36:47
For her future, seriously.
Everything is possible here
Answered: Паша Паша 11-09-2006 в 08:37:06
I'm Russian!!!
Answered: Наталья Тарбушкина Наталья Тарбушкина 11-09-2006 в 08:37:10
anywhere else I won't feel so, as here: often powerless, insecure and hopeless, but with the firm conviction that no "world power" will not drive us with impunity! :)
Answered: Magica Magica 11-09-2006 в 08:37:18
I have no reason to love Russia....
even the homeland can't call her because our country is changing names like a glove...
and such chopiki inserts that little is not all it seems....
just a lot of friends here ))))
Answered: pilar99 pilar99 11-09-2006 в 08:37:24
Vodka and bears! :-))))
Answered: EA EA 11-09-2006 в 08:37:28
Because it is my HOMELAND!
As the song Shevchuk.
Answered: Арина Арина 11-09-2006 в 08:37:54
the beautiful nature and the Russian people
Answered: SSV SSV 11-09-2006 в 08:37:57
"Because this is our homeland!" And the other answer can not be!
Answered: Павлушка Павлушка 11-09-2006 в 08:38:21
1.I was born here and live.
2.She's beautiful.
Answered: олька олька 11-09-2006 в 08:38:34
Born in the USSR, is considered in Russia, swore allegiance to Russia.
Answered: PN_2019 PN_2019 11-09-2006 в 08:38:39
AGAIN!!! n?!#(just hitting my head against the wall(accidentally found before you leave ,and leave can't))

PEOPLE!!!there was putanica(the one who wrote that Russia loves ,those who love the HOMELAND.And those who say that UTB chudoveschnye place ,those talking about the STATE!!! )!!!I believe that we live IN a BETTER WORLD HOME ,but IN a MONSTROUS GOSUDARSTVE!!!(NEVER confuse the WORD )(will get 10 points???)
Answered: <[D]ata [V]iper> <[D]ata [V]iper> 11-09-2006 в 08:39:27
1) Russia is not predictable
2) Russia not to defeat (world war in Russia his teeth break off)
3) Only we have so many of the greatest poets
Answered: Пользователь удален Пользователь удален 11-09-2006 в 08:40:27
Anything you can coin, but will always love the Energo-information field in which he was born - the first in which I grew up - the second.
Answered: Медвежонок Медвежонок 11-09-2006 в 08:40:30