Some C++ compilers have the current latest version and what is the level of support they standard?

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Here it is clear that gcc, microsoft visual c++, embarcadero c++ builder to develop and come out with new versions. Very sad, but it looks like Comeau is in a coma (the latest version already beta2 / October 6, 2008). But what is the situation with the others? About the same Vatkom I have not heard, almost ever since he became OpenWatcom

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Actively developing the Intel Compiler. Watcom, apparently, not developed, and it is a pity. Alternatively, the gcc is growing very rapidly Clang/LLVM with a number of advanced features. On page Stroustrup mentions a few more, but they seem to be outside the mainstream.

GCC and Clang have a good support of C++11 (still not completely, but work is proceeding actively, Clang a little ahead). Microsoft Visual C++ slower, VS 2010 is not very well supports the new standard (don't know how in 2012).

With other compilers on the desktop are not met; for embedded has its own collection (usually clipped on the functionality of the language, without exceptions, and complex template bloat), but then I'm no expert.

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About MS VC++ can add that from 11 version Studio, MS decided to seriously undertake regular updates of the compiler with all the great number of supported features in C++11. Here's an interesting post on Habre in which there is a link to the latest update of the compiler. Well, if you are interested :)

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Comparison table




VC++ 2012 has recently been updated

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Table, feeling a little outdated. The builders (embarcadero c++ builder xe3) there is no information. - 19-11-2012 в 13:02:08
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One of the most complete and updated tables located on cppreference.

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