Why did the terrorists kill is usually the most defenseless and innocent citizens, why ruin buildings and monuments

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Why did the terrorists kill is usually the most defenseless and innocent citizens, why ruin buildings and monuments
Asked: 12-09-2006 в 22:27:25

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What's the difference? Why? Why should they understand? They should be wet with no issues.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:47:26
not a...the meaning of fear...when people are afraid they do not trust anyone...even their rulers....
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:35:12
Because they are not people! Them all will be rewarded 100 times more! Believe me!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:35:26
They're safer than attack for example, special forces...
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:35:32
Freaks cause! Children of Beslan with Gundel could not give!! With inmi easier! HATE!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:35:37
The meaning of terrorism is not to kill. To strike fear. To suggest that the government is not able to protect.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:35:48
Because the strong samochod themselves, therefore they are cowards.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:36:10
They can't fight with armed citizens, as he is the first to get back
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:36:51
In order to pay more attention to yourself...
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:08
This question filosofski on this topic for a long time, you can open a discussion....
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:10
and you all think that the terrorists ha HA think someone is on hand.
would all already be killed. money and again money.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:16
With skyscrapers in the Us, so it's all ass, ETOGES be so to plan everything. freaks!!!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:22
That is, they are terrorists (terror - fear) to strike fear into the civilian population.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:28
In order. If to kill a healthy big boys hung with flamethrowers and cursed all the gods that you can pick up different hemorrhoids (can they who want to kill, can send you and kill you) so kill all the sheep worthless and thereby purify the society from weak. The monuments and buildings are being destroyed to architects and builders did not sit without work and built a new one.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:31
For them it is easier than the long and tedious negotiations, the more they don't feel right. Look at their leaders . The East has always recognized only the force
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:37:48
Do not go to blows to the intelligence services.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:38:23
Otherwise to draw attention fails...
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:38:55
1-not to offend the weak easier
2-resonance more.

In General Ter. non-human
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:40:09
The goal is to discredit the authorities that she is unable
to protect its citizens, why would this power need?
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:45:35
Can be achieved. And have already achieved a lot.
In the first of them found out. Media order now day discuss these terrorist organizations: what they are, what they are doing.
In the second mixed with shit all over America, and before that Russia and other countries.
Thirdly destabilized the entire global community, and what bales of Besarabka, confusion and disputes, it is easier in troubled waters to seize power when the time comes Kh.
And what Azzedine victims and more destruction - the more the media will describe it, so - see point 1.

Cue the successful actions of terrorists - Russia. Namely the years of 1905 and 1917. the terrorists have set a goal to crush the King and his administration. Was started mass terror - only in one year were killed 13 thousand people (but have forgotten about it, as in Soviet times, it announced the feat, and in honor of terrorists called the street, etc.
The result of this terror - king and his administration toppled. However, not so fast. It took many years. And a brother of a terrorist named Lenin became the head of state.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 12:46:57