I never get normally fry pancakes not pancakes,help who can give me the script,and the husband is everything to me

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I never get normally fry pancakes not pancakes,help who can give me the script,and the husband is everything to me

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Speed cooking:
30 minutes

What you need:
for 2 servings:
40 g flour
1 egg
1 Cup milk
1 tablespoon of sugar
0,25 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tablespoon of brandy
1 jar (140 g) red caviar

What to do:
Eggs, salt, sugar, whisk, or mixer. In whipped mass pour the milk, add the flour, mix well. Add the vegetable oil and the brandy, again stir. Don't bake very thin pancakes on a heated pan with a diameter of 20-22 cm, to make six pancakes (3 per serving) .
Under the first pancake pan greased with oil, and then you do not need because the oil is sufficient in the test.
Ready and slightly cooled pancakes to spread out on your desktop. Apply to every even layer of caviar and roll the crepes into a tube, cut obliquely from one side. To arrange for submission and garnish optionally with fresh Basil.

Bon appetit!

Answered: 11-09-2006 в 19:37:23
Not jealous !!!Recipe what to give? Cakes,pancakes,cheesecakes? Write!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 17:23:40
80g of flour.3яйца,1,5 glass of warm milk,40gr of melted plums.oil,salt and sugar.
Flour and eggs to whisk,gradually pour in the milk.At the end add the butter.Put the dough for 30 minutes in cold nick.
Grease the pan with a crust of bread(or raw potato) soaked in oil and baked pancakes..
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 17:27:09
Pancakes on dry yeast.
0.5 liters of warm milk, half a small packet of yeast, 2-3 teaspoons of sugar, 1not a full teaspoon of salt, 2-3 wooden spoons vegetable oil(4-5CT.l),mix everything with a mixer, put in a pot of warm water, NOT HOT! With the top cover with a towel.Cover to cover is impossible!In 40 minutes you can bake stirring.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 17:34:39
When I started to add in pancakes a little yeast, everything started to turn.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 17:41:13
I make pancakes and fritters is very simple and somehow it all works out. I don't add yeast. I take 1 can of yogurt (our yogurt), egg, 1-2 pieces (not a problem it's not very important), butter (melt) 150 gr. among other things, you can alternatively sunflower oil, sugar to taste, if pancakes, you do not need a lot of sugar, definitely a pinch of salt, vanilla, baking soda (1 tsp without top) slaked in vinegar . and the most important thing in the recipe is flour. If you make pancakes, you need a thick batter, like a thick smetana, even a little more flour, and if the pancakes, it is just like a cream, i.e. a little more batter, but not completely liquid - this is probably your mistake. And another trick - hold the dough a little warm, it has a bit to go. And then, fire away and fear not, from the beginning, who rarely turns!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 18:48:04