How to quickly and efficiently get rid of diseases of the nasopharynx, in particular sinusitis?

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How to quickly and efficiently get rid of diseases of the nasopharynx, in particular sinusitis?
Asked: 12-09-2006 в 03:16:16

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Recipes a lot, but it is an unsolved problem. Here are the basic principles of treatment of sinusitis:
1) Aeration of the sinuses - the AIR and again the air in the sinus. With the help of puncture or operation of sophisticated instruments, vasoconstrictor drops and other means to restore the flow of air into the sinuses and their drainage (evacuation of mucus, pus).
2) Restoration of microcirculation, removal of edema, swelling, and sometimes growths of the mucous membrane of the sinuses from the dry heat, difficult drops to serious surgical interventions.
3) control of infection (better taking into account the ANTIBIOGRAM, and perhaps special Virology methods of diagnosis) - antibiotics, antiseptics, antivirals, sometimes VOLATILE, BACTERIOPHAGES.
4) the Restoration of local and General immune system - immunomodulators, vaccines (including AUTOVACCINE), homeopathy, hardening.
5) Prevention against dust and gas pollution of the air environment, the fight against colds and acute respiratory disease not to use antibiotics lightly, wearing masks, self-massage of biologically active points of the nose to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa with a cold, the use of oxolinic ointment, interferonstimulated for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections, avoid trauma to the nose, falling into the bosom of the water when diving into the water, the struggle with allergies.
Treatment should be carried out only with a doctor, to be graded, fully and without vacillation from doctor to doctor or healer. The role of alternative medicine no one denies. But still to monitor the effectiveness of these methods needs an impartial and competent doctor.
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 01:06:45
Only in the hospital. there's pus will drain...
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:25:37
I refused the procedure called "pricking" and was cured by physiotherapy
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:25:57
As far as I know sinusitis is not treated with the help of our modern medicine. So he just smothered. And here are some ways of folk medicine really help. For example, warming up boiled eggs or heated sand or sinus flushing those sinuses through the nose with a solution of iodine and salt, etc. But remember every body is different!!! So everyone should pick up the key to your body in order to cure it.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:28:04
For starters, it is best to go to a good specialist Laura. In some ENT research Institute!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:28:25
I was in the hospital with it 2 times. And not the fact that it's over. But if hranicheskogo it's always....I think..=(
Now there is some method,: tipo, using a vacuum to clean the pus from all sinuses. But it is in hospitals.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:30:14
it is necessary to come for a consultation with a qualified ENT doctor.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:34:29
With Sinusitis do not delay - can spread to other sinuses, for example the frontal (-(sinusitis) and it can be much worse than the puncture of maxillary sinuses. Is done a thin needle under anesthesia quickly and efficiently, almost painless if the doctor is competent.
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:39:43
You need to wash salt water nose: a glass of warm water half a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea), and to wash the nose in the water and breathe through the mouth to spit out!!! It's not scary and not disgusting!!! VERY EFFECTIVE!!! Check for yourself!
Get well and get well!!!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 22:42:18
Join to Olesya, she is about washing written, plus antibiotics stabbing a must!!! in order to reduce swelling. If there are no contraindications, then Gentamicin do! and do it! cure for a week, but it becomes easier after the first injection!
Answered: 11-09-2006 в 23:06:16