what i can get for my boyfriend's B-day

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what i can get for my boyfriend's B-day
Asked: 08-02-2007 в 00:57:46

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swiss watch
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 00:34:41
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 00:34:58
your love and a postcard:)
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 00:37:40
a good watch
or some goodluck charm or love bands
or some showpiece
some perfumes
or go to a movie spend a whole day with him
many opts yaar ...oh wait
to show up to his house wearing nothing but a coat and big red ribbon tied around you with Happy Birthday with a bottle of wine strawberries and whip cream
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 00:45:39