How to put slide panel in the center?

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There is a page traveling with the side panel. How to put slide panel in the center of the screen? How to make a picture was also at the center of the block Vkontakte?

Asked: 01-01-1970 в 03:00:00

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It is possible here so:

<style> .panel { width: 300px; margin-top: -145px; /* panel height divided by 2 */ } .handle { margin-top: 53px; /* 145 - (button height divided by 2) */ } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $('.panel').tabSlideOut({ tabHandle: '.handle', pathToTabImage: 'vk_panel.png', imageHeight: '184px', imageWidth: '36px', tabLocation: 'right', speed: 300, action: 'click', topPos: '50%', /* Position from top */ fixedPosition: true }); }); </script>

Psmotret here:

Answered: 23-12-2012 в 15:13:35
I updated the answer, now the button is also centered. But it seems to me that when set the top border looks better. - 23-12-2012 в 15:47:49
I was there even in the source code I don't see You create it - 23-12-2012 в 17:00:24
try to put it before - 23-12-2012 в 17:16:07
Put on the WHOLESALE page before the closing body. And tell me how to leave a comment without deleting the old? And then I have a button to leave a comment disappears. - 23-12-2012 в 17:58:21
And how can I fix it? Or not? - 23-12-2012 в 18:42:51