the add event for the button

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Please tell me there is such scdca There is a button which sozdaetsya in the process of the program You need to make sure that when clicking on the button vypolneno any action But these buttons may not be a finite number And if you can write comments and each button should have its own events

Asked: 01-01-1970 в 03:00:00

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AddHandler Btn.Click, AddressOf HandlerMouseClik

Where the creation of EventHandler should predostavit Visual Studio. (she adds boring options)

Answered: 23-12-2012 в 16:37:05
Explain please or what not ponel - 23-12-2012 в 16:52:13
Well, in short you need to create a handler with parameters, they can be written manually or Visual Studio will do it automatically. !Error - 23-12-2012 в 17:03:03