why is Economics called the Foundation of civilization?

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why is Economics called the Foundation of civilization?
Asked: 19-09-2006 в 22:16:06

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Because in the translation ECONOMY is the internal economy.
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 20:04:33
The Internet Economy "from the Consumer"
Have you ever wondered why the cost of the same consumer goods at home and traders so different? A trip in his car and rented house and lunch in the restaurant, and finally a night in my own bed and in a hotel?

All because the means of production appropriate the good belongs to the consumer. And not have to pay excessive taxes, contain greedy and not always effective management, to pay foreign villas and bankers etc I Must, of course, a little work myself, but not for all this is the basis for the sale of the apartment and moving to a hotel.

Thus, the ownership of the means of production is allows the user to drastically reduce the cost of consumption, to increase its customer capital (after all, if the majority of Russians would not be actually of their own homes, the consequences of Gaidar's disaster would be far more tragic!) and, in the end, to obtain products of good quality.

What if these principles apply to the whole economy? Will "the economy of the consumer," radically changing everyone's ideas about the proper and effective structure of the surrounding world. In this economy sharply reduced overhead costs, more evenly distributed capital as a source control technology change in the interest, by order and for the needs of the consumer, finally, change their essence all public institutions, from the state to the security forces.

And possible all of these beneficial changes become civilized class thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, doing nobody wants the lion's share of activists from business, banks and bureaucracy. The Internet economy "from the Consumer" on the threshold! Open the door a little wider.
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 20:03:44
A complete answer will not give, but I strongly advise to read Karl Marx Genrikhovich.
Answered: 12-09-2006 в 20:15:01