access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password yes)

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Throw on the form the component SQLconnection , respectively, set up, try to connect to MySQL and issued this message

"access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password yes)"

libmysql.dll copied to bin folder (Delphi) and in system32,
in phpmyadmin the password is not set, the user rootconfig.default.php and as there are no password

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In General, when working with MySQL you need to run a server, You run? - 23-12-2012 в 15:40:21
no, of course, phpmyadmin itself works, of course works - 23-12-2012 в 15:44:18
That is in itself? - 23-12-2012 в 15:50:34
@LLIAKAJI, mysql is a DBMS - 24-12-2012 в 08:35:19
> the password is not set > access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password yes) Error seems to be saying that you are trying to connect as user 'root'@'localhost' using password. But who reads error messages... - 25-12-2012 в 14:09:42

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Set up right in MySQL

Answered: 24-12-2012 в 10:25:09

What settings in Delphi do?

SimpleDataSet component? LoginPrompt everywhere what is true or false?

You can make a new user.

  1. SimpleDataSet component, right-click maknuti choose Edit connection -> Mysql connection is there to insert the correct information to connect to the database.

ps there are all simply connected. file to the root of the program you can throw, set a bunch of 2 components to register your login information in the database and everything, voila ready.

Answered: 24-12-2012 в 10:34:20

Invalid login, password or host

  1. Check the encoding of the input
  2. An empty password is also the password
  3. Check the case of letters
Answered: 25-12-2012 в 13:18:38
Not really. At least in this context. MySQL, as it believes that if the password is empty, then it is not. Respectively using password: NO - 25-12-2012 в 18:09:34
I don't know how to write this component. perhaps there are two properties password_enable := true/false and the password := "". I spent two years in deltah not sitting. written to insure against such a case, check it is not stopping - 25-12-2012 в 18:38:17