Help “decompose into atoms”. exe file!!!

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I desperately need the source code (or documentation) on the decomposition of output into components. Namely, there is executable written in VC++.Net and need to write a program (VC++ 6.0 or VC++.Net) that would "read" it to give the file (.txt or .htm), which will be written all functions and classes that are used in the executable.

Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked: 01-01-1970 в 03:00:00
Try the utility from the MinGW nm. - 03-01-2013 в 20:41:48

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Try using .NET Reflector or ILSpy

Answered: 03-01-2013 в 20:15:02
Now I will try. - 03-01-2013 в 20:15:31

Might help part of the program resource hacker (reshack), pictures and icons you can get, sometimes the text files and the database.

Answered: 03-01-2013 в 20:12:49
I need to pull the code - 03-01-2013 в 20:14:48