Pop-up div when you hover over a div in ie8

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There is a design taken from hashCode. Allows hover on a div to show another div. Simple and fast, can be used several times on one page. Unfortunately this stuff does not work on IE8. Can anyone suggest how to write the css properties (or css will not help and will take anything in JS ?), that would be in IE8 worked the same as in normal browsers?

//css .vicvet { position:relative; text-align:justify; } .vicvet .vis { display:none; position:absolute; top:-04px; left:-04px; z-index:5; } .vicvet:hover .vis { display:block } //html <div class="vicvet"> anything that brings <div class="vis"> when you hover, the div POPs up </div> </div>
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and if so to try?? jsfiddle.net/37rbb - 11-01-2013 в 15:23:59
Thank you, elegant solution to my question! - 11-01-2013 в 15:34:04
Really helped or is it just banter?? - 13-01-2013 в 19:00:33

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Write at the beginning of the html file

<!DOCTYPE html>

Or any other doktayp. Without doktayp IE8 goes into quirks mode, where the hover works only with element

Answered: 11-01-2013 в 13:36:15
Thank you. Do not know. Unfortunately now I do not work some of the solution in JS, but that is another question. a :hover started to work - 11-01-2013 в 13:48:12

In IE the N version of the pseudo-class :hover works only for links, this is either screwed csshover.htc or using javascript hover() jquery

Answered: 11-01-2013 в 13:41:27