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How to draw the download progress (at least progressbarui), if required, before is loaded the main form(ie during Form1_Load). The downloading is carried out so:

Dim WithEvents wc As New System.Net.WebClient wc.DownloadFile("", mp3_name)

wc.DownloadFileAsync - not to offer. Since immediately after the load Form1 it works with this file.

The second question follows from the first - is there any way to speed up the uploading of files via direct links from the Internet using Visual Basic .NET?

How to create dialog select path where to save downloaded data method (listed above) file? I need the user to choose a place where to download it. I place a fixed, i.e., only and directly in a folder by the executable file.

PS Work in Visual Studio 2010

Why "not to offer" DownloadFileAsync? You're not dealing with multi-threaded programming? Common DownloadFile stupidly blocks the calling thread until until download is not finished yet, and does not send this message on the download progress. - 20-01-2013 в 00:43:21

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  1. To change the start form and show the progress bar with the new one.
  2. It is likely that to download in several sections to speed up boot.
  3. SaveFileDialog or FolderBrowserDialog.
Answered: 13-06-2015 в 12:58:30

1) To display progress you will have to show another form while loading the main;

2) as for the ability to watch here;

3) select the path provided by the System class.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog.

PS: please fix your post in a readable form, plz.

Answered: 19-01-2013 в 14:36:38
The first time I write here, I don't know yet how to make. Zvinyayte. 1) How can I do it? 2) no, the fact of the matter is that WebClient as it limits the speed. Test on the Internet 20Mbps - 6MB file shakes about 60sec. Despite the fact that the browser(I'm not talking about Download Manager) downloads for a little more than 10 seconds. At the speed of 40Mbps/s, things are already better, but still felt. The server from which swayed the file Dropbox. Tests conducted several times, taking the arithmetic mean. All tests in the range of 1 hour. - 19-01-2013 в 22:26:52
3) I know That. The point is that I can already call itself a dialog box for file selection, but to associate it with the fact that it was the choice of the path for the downloaded file - I can not. Need a more detailed code examples. Or at least a particular kick in the right direction. I would be grateful. :) - 19-01-2013 в 22:27:04
1) Create a form with ProgressBar, show her before you start downloading the file after the download completes, to hide it and show the basic form; 2) Still have the brakes, added a link in the answer; 3) what's the problem? Create an instance of OpenFileDialog, initialize the required properties. - 19-01-2013 в 23:13:02
Not Open, and Save. - 13-06-2015 в 12:58:53