The answer is not necessarily. The cry of the soul

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The answer is not necessarily. The cry of the soul
Asked: 15-09-2006 в 18:39:49

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It's like the Shine three fives:
Swallow, no need here these LYALYALYA.
If your Mobil with someone on the knives, why are you suddenly for no reason at all
1 Generally appeared to be in that company?
2 moreover, drunk the shit still there?
3 not only that, drunk shitless, and Ottertail you there.
by mutual consent.
(because talking about the rape I understand is not)
Well, the resume - do not lepi humpback.
This nonsense can fill in kindergarten.
There are even Baba Yaga believe before going to sleep.
Well, a screamer - no need to shout.
Tip: remember you, my dear, the tale of the fisherman
and the fish. And who is there whose whim fulfilled and how it all ended.
Tale - lie, Yes in it a hint .
Understand? KRU-d! , .run forward March.
And don't yell anymore.
And yet - a little observation.
Quite often you can observe the answer: "If you love something, forgive". Especially from the ladies.
So - fuck all this lovely girl.
Life is so arranged that it once and for all.
And way back there, and do everything necessary to immediately and completely, and not Kal-Malle some arrange. And well if if it themselves, personally and individually is arranged, so usually satisfied in any case not afford.
Because negrevergne then not correct.
And the second piece to be completely rewritten - will be gone.
The hope of impunity is the sort of rudeness.
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 00:02:57
This is the first emotions!! ! If you like, post! If you can afford to forgive myself of course!
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:35:00
no matter of just hopping on and how! but did still correctly!
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:35:07
You're a whore!!!why do we so hurt!!!
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:36:02
Don't be sad, you're good, leave it that way! Not all women are like that....Everything will be fine. Believe!
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:38:35
Hey you people why don't you ask her who saw and nonspecial he got her drunk then you to do stuff? It happened to me and the hookers you got excited I am a girl and it offends me... a Fool in General if you don't understand such talk because then neither of us will communicate with you....With me is specially rigged to annoy my boyfriend and was caught only when he saw the record of what I do out he had them torn to shreds...and you just blame her !!!Look at myself! Couldn't stand up shut up...
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:41:00
Why under the tail? are you not lived, what? times have changed, so YOU need it.. no one knows what awaits us tomorrow.. maybe a faithful wife for life, maybe this will come back and you will have to kiss his feet... wait a little... well, survive as a=... fuck somebody myself (and better it) and calm down.
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:45:29