What is the admin site?

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What is the admin site?
Asked: 08-02-2007 в 00:57:46

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a vocation and a way of life :)
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:35:35
is harmful people who for a couple with a moderator deletes my posts
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:36:40
for what we have so obserat ???
there would be admins you have not a Fig would not work!!!!
so WHO is ADMIN !!!
all the same, we are people too
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:39:38
The administrator is most often the owner of the site... =)
Answered: 13-09-2006 в 23:41:16
The administrator of the site, the person who monitors the functionality of the site! Adds new info, removes not needed!
Has the right to change user rights, and much more! obyno this person should know at least
PHP, HTML, MySQL! Although now very common among the you to write to the site of the so-called admin, the programs through which owner, not particularly versed in the intricacies of programming, you could effortlessly izmenyaet elements of its WEB offspring! This admin panel increases the cost of manufacture of a website, but allows to save on wages to the staff!
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 00:23:47