How to avoid mistakes in the upbringing of the child?

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How to avoid mistakes in the upbringing of the child?

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We are big and smart by reading many books at the time also fought on this issue .
And what would you think? Obviously, we made our own mistakes and incorrigible nonsense.
And now here I sit in the Answers and give advice.. . :))
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 10:17:21
Treat him as an equal
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 09:35:02
In the Orthodox faith.
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Listen to your heart. I think you know what you are doing right and wrong. Odeleite attention to the child, talk to him often, communicate as equals, and not like a child. He takes the example of you, watch their behavior and their way of life. Be the same as what they would like to see your child and he will learn a lot from you :)
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Most importantly - EDUCATE! ! And not left to grow like grass.
As an adult should be treated as a friend.
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How not to educate a child is always going to hurt when he will have turned because come time to leave the child rearing to advise nemogu nothing))
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for starters, realize that though you gave birth to him, but he's not your property but an individual.
please be very patient, not afraid to say that you love him, praise
if we criticize, then try to make sure that he evaluated his negative act, but not itself the actual
I have a boy of 4 years, will be more specific questions, write on e-mail
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Answered: 14-09-2006 в 09:37:47
Here is what Mr. Gurdjieff in his book "Meetings with remarkable men":
"In order that at responsible age a man could be a real person, not a parasite, his education must be based on the following ten principles:
"From early childhood the child must bring:
Belief in receiving punishment for disobedience.
The hope of receiving the award only on merit.
The love of God-but indifference to the saints.
Remorse for the mistreatment of animals.
The fear to disappoint parents and teachers.
Courage to devils, snakes and mice.
A joy to use only what we have.
The sadness of losing the goodwill of others.
Patient endurance to pain and cold.
Diligence before to earn your bread"

Bogachevsky had very unusual views on morality.
Then he spoke and taught me that on earth there are two morals are objective, established by life in the course of thousands of years, and the other subjective, pertaining to the individual as well as cedim Nations, States, families, groups, people, etc. "Objective morality, he said , -set life and the commandments given to us by God through His prophets, and it gradually becomes the basis for the formation in man of what is called conscience. And this conscience is objective morality, in turn, supported.
Objective morality never changes, it can only expand in the course of time. As for subjective morality, she invented chilocco and is therefore a relative term, different for different people and different places, depending on a certain understanding of good and evil, dominant in this period. "
People stuffed their children when the future man is still being formed in them, all kinds of conditionality and, thus, interfere with the Nature to develop in them the conscience that has been created over thousands of years of struggle of our ancestors against just such conventions.
Bogachevsky often tried to convince me not to adopt any of the conventions neither of the conventions of my environment, nor the conventions of any other people.
He said: "From the conventions, which are full of each, formed a subjective morality, but for real life the objective morality that stems from conscience. Subjective morality is a relative concept, and if you are filled with relative concepts, when you grow, you will always and everywhere act and judge other people according to conventional wisdom and ideas that you have acquired. You need to know not what people around you think good or bad, and to act in life as your conscience tells you. Undeniable conscience will always know more than all the books and teachers put together. But before that, how is your own conscience, live according to the commandments of the master, Jesus Christ: do Not do to others what you would not want them to do unto you." .
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in this age, the child takes the example of parents, nice garden and control on the street
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My son is 8 years old. The last 7 years I have been asking myself the same question. The answer seems to be very it turns out like this:
That was not zashugannyh, it cannot suppress, you need to respect his opinion, need praise, need to have a child was not low self-esteem and the feeling that love him, will support.
And that was not a bandit, you need to look for "peaceful" ways of splattering violence, and to teach good and costadoni, learning to master their emotions, to teach the banal "this is good and this is bad," to prove their conduct, that the rights are not strong, and smart... .

I have so is not always obtained. :)
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 09:43:49
Love from a pure heart without envy, no jealousy, no evil. But do not force him to do anything if he doesn't want, and it will break and even worse. I know families where a strict and respectable people grow up not the same . You should defer to him. The child has its Ya don't compare with others, considering others better. All excess is always disastrous.
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 09:45:57
Like a child, respect his opinion and his navazivaut. Children are copying the behavior of their parents. So watch out for them. More spend with a child time.
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 10:06:12
Child you need to educate with love))
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 10:06:52
No one will answer this question. All the children and everything wrong with education, at least something, at least somewhere. You your heart will tell you so and educate. Do not listen to others ' mistakes is not to accept the dogma!

Answered: 14-09-2006 в 10:16:07
Love, respect and sacrifice for his sake their whims
Answered: 14-09-2006 в 11:01:39