The consequences of incorrect outputs from 1C. The fight with the outputs and consequences.

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Good day, community.

My question is more theoretical in nature.
It is known that after an incorrect output from the system, the user hangs it, and it has to be thrown out manually. What other effects can be because of incorrect outputs?

We have, for example, 1C starts to load and "think" longer. One of the programmers who developed our configuration, said such a brake system can occur due to the constant accumulation of the sort. outputs. What can you say about this? I take a stick and beat the hands of users?

1C:Enterprise 8.2 (
Enterprise accounting CORP., revision 2.0 (
The size of the file 1Cv8.1CD - 4,6 GB

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File or client-server scheme work? - 20-02-2013 в 11:58:44
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Hang client 1ски suspend users and there's nothing you can do about it. Hovered => user hangs by hands here beat anything. Need to cut these connections. There are people with varying degrees of success are fighting, but mostly on backend databases.

Of the standard solutions:

  • To test and fix
  • Put the platform higher. Last And wait for the 18th and later.

PS the Number of current errors is impressive, including is and associated with falls...

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File version is FAR more sensitive to incorrect completions the than K-S. And zamedlenie it's the least that you can get. If the incorrect output will occur during any routine operations, mass pereprodat, etc., then your base may not be covered - even TII will not help - will have chkdbfl call.

And there is one thing - when working over the network hung sessions can appear when the correct exit from the program. This may be due to configuration errors, or when an unstable network.

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as I understand it, the best I can do is to correct the mistakes and translate the database on the client-server variant? - 20-02-2013 в 12:48:20
Testing and fixing is better to do regularly. Because large databases errors tend to accumulate. And of course, K-s variant is better, especially on such large databases. - 20-02-2013 в 12:51:33