LCD monitor is less harmful than conventional?

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LCD monitor is less harmful than conventional?
Asked: 15-09-2006 в 15:16:54

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Imagine: a cathode-ray tube, which without a stop bombing you accelerated electrons, and a conventional matrix liquid crystal, which is illuminated by a simple lamp. The differences are there? I think, Yes.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:05:31
normal much more harmful !
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:02:32
Does not give of radiation
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:02:42
Misconception which leads us advertising
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:02:46
no, because a frequency error is constant, and the usual it does not hold
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:03:57
Radiation does not, but you look at different monitors in the same way. The vision is weakening in any case
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:04:32
Yes, it is definitely less harmful than conventional. Than it is harmless:1 Frequency of updating the images more frequently than conventional monitor 2He gives almost излучения3 Weight undoubtedly less compared to conventional монитором4ЖК monitor takes up much less space compared to conventional монитором5 Old monitors had but one fault which have been removed in modern monitors - when you look at the side monitor image was blurred.6 And in the end you can buy the TV and connect it to the system unit-so you can get a TV set to throw.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:15:48
The LCD HAS a refresh rate of images, and a CRT FREQUENCY PRORESOURCE!!..
ie ELT frequency is the number of impressions of images on the screen..(blink)
and LCD he constantly shows picture ... she doesn't blink, and the frequency in an LCD is how fast it will change the picture to another, after doing the command...
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:24:39
In LCD monitor there are only electrostatic radiation, which practically does not harm (in the LCD monitors are used normal bulbs), in contrast to the CRT monitors in which there are electrostatic, and electromagnetic radiation, adverse effects on the entire body.
Vision hurts almost all, something less something more, it still depends on the operating conditions of the monitor:
1. Sit in the dark not recommended not before not before that.
2. To sit closer than a meter, not worth it.
3. And wait there are limits!
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:25:13
The LCD is no such thing as refresh rate. More important is the response time and viewing angle.
A CRT is harmful not only to the eye. Due to the radiation tube.
Although LCD some time (during the transition from tube) for the eyes will even more harmful.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:28:27
Does not give of radiation.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:50:21
U menja zhidkokristali4eskij.Ja dovolna!
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 12:26:50
Most likely Yes, but I much difference in this respect is not noticed.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 14:26:55
Probably less harmful, but the color worse
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 15:10:41