Where can I find a good raskrutka sites?

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Where can I find a good raskrutka sites?
Asked: 18-09-2006 в 10:26:26

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Yulia now dozens of companies and craftsmen can offer such services. That You understand an integral part of the campaign promotion is SEO (search engine optimization) or optimization for search engines. However, it will cost You dearly, because optimally such "sharpening" to do for individual search engines (so that each of them was given a site on the first positions), and of individual phrases.
Optimizing for 1 phrase,the least can cost you hundreds of dollars per month. Moreover, it is desirable to adjust if not every month, at least periodically.
Moreover, and here be careful, search engines have prohibited methods for which Your site can be deleted from the index. Ie, it will not appear in search results. About this fair, the optimizer needs to tell You.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:32:03
for nucula, poprobuet itself, the technique will find in the Internet (and you use and learn all sorts of tricks)
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:12:20
First you should determine the answer to the question for yourself, what you want to do with the site to promote or to make a decent promotion on the Internet. Let me explain why:
promotion is a term used by companies that artificially increase attendance of your web resource. Such operations were rolled before, but now the search engines this fight and nothing good for your website is not over.
- website promotion on the Internet - is a set of actions performed on your and your website to increase its popularity. Example: site optimization, registration in directories, link exchanges, etc.
Actually it is not so difficult, important to understand what is and what you're doing.

As for the good worthy of the company that will propel your site in the grid, sdes, as they say many people have many opinions, but if you really need to name, write, I tell you))
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:20:03
untwist the forum . This is important.
Promotion is the sex, spam is Masturbation, dance sports is the orgasm.
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Answered: 15-09-2006 в 11:38:05
Julia, now a lot of companies, but I wonder if it is possible and most!
can manual in the net to find or friends who may ask.
Answered: 15-09-2006 в 12:22:54