Will I be happy?

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Will I be happy?

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If you want to.
Answered: Samigullina Renata Samigullina Renata 29-08-2006 в 12:43:54
Yes! And really!
Answered: Пользователь удален Пользователь удален 29-08-2006 в 12:44:00
a man in love is always happy! so you;)
Answered: Пользователь удален Пользователь удален 29-08-2006 в 12:44:07
Well, as you say :))))) of course you will, everything will return to normal and you will happy
Answered: iwizard7 iwizard7 29-08-2006 в 12:44:40
If you exactly decide that "Yes! I'll be the happiest!", you'll no doubt. Convince yourself and others that. Most importantly your confidence! :)
Answered: Lex Lex 29-08-2006 в 12:44:45
You will be the happiest, most loved and most beautiful girl in the world my entire life. You will have a wonderful loving husband, strong family, obedient children and all what you want for myself!
Answered: Аnastasia A Аnastasia A 29-08-2006 в 12:45:04
,,Tu,znaesch,wse w twoix rykax,,
Answered: MARRI_LALA MARRI_LALA 29-08-2006 в 12:45:22
Over time, FSE will, and happiness and ...
Answered: Ильхом Ильхом 29-08-2006 в 12:47:32
It all depends on you!!
Answered: Natalina Natalina 29-08-2006 в 12:48:48
I wish you happiness!
Use as directed.
Answered: Mihoshi Mihoshi 29-08-2006 в 13:03:07
If you don't sit back - you will! Everything else is the will of God.
Answered: Станислава Станислава 29-08-2006 в 13:06:57
try to fall in love-then we will!!!
Answered: Пользователь удален Пользователь удален 29-08-2006 в 13:14:08
The question is not "will I..." -
The question "am I happy?"
After all, you don't ask yourself the question "will I?..."
You say, "I am!" Right?.
Happy in this world can be only two types of people:
1 - crazy.
2 - Those who have found their eternal, spiritual nature.

Hare Kṛṣṇa. Be happy.
Answered: ВБД ВБД 29-08-2006 в 13:18:53
life is unpredictable! the main thing is not to lose heart! as the saying goes a blessing in disguise! so we all will be happy if you want!
Answered: murda murda murda murda 29-08-2006 в 13:23:37
Everyone understands happiness in his own. You are sure to be happy, just to start to learn to rejoice in what is happening around You right now. Even if there was something terrible, for example: break with a loved one, death of a close or something in this spirit you will see real friends, and that's good. Good luck to You and hope for happiness, it will come.
Answered: Пользователь удален Пользователь удален 29-08-2006 в 13:30:50
and what is your happiness, I think, can make you happy
Answered: Татьяна К Татьяна К 29-08-2006 в 14:20:11
will you be happy?..
ask for it at home.)
only you know the answer)
Answered: ta.tochka ta.tochka 29-08-2006 в 15:50:50
depends with whom
Answered: ара007 ара007 29-08-2006 в 21:54:11