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try not to buy unnecessary or "Malouine" things
large amounts to keep on the card - that was the time to think about whether this purchase is it worth so much
buy stock, finally! Will see how they grow and do not want to squander your life (you spend it on zarabatyvanie money!)
Answered: 29-08-2006 в 15:10:41
put files to account for charges (optional income), and make ALL the costs to record and classify. experience shows that costs are reduced by approximately 30%
Answered: 29-08-2006 в 15:07:18
walshie amount on the card and not to remove, to endure as much as you can)))))) And she writes all spending more than 10 rubles)) this is another criterion to record anything more than what you spend on travel in one direction)
And I lived clear on the amount per day... Then, I remember, at 50. And fit...
Answered: 29-08-2006 в 17:33:17