Configure visual studio 2010

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Instruction: To work with the library Winsock 2.x in the original test program, you must include the Directive #include <winsock2.h>, and the command line linker to specify ws2_32.lib. In the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio to do this, press <Alt-F7>, go to bookmark "Link" to the list of libraries listed in the line "Object/Library modules", add the ws2_32.lib, separating it from the rest by a space character. In 2010th the Studio by going to Linker->Command Line, you cannot edit the field. What to do? How to compile under winsock?

Asked: 12-09-2011 в 00:25:45

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Project - Properties - Configuration Properties - Linker - Input - Additional Dependencies
Answered: 16-10-2011 в 21:34:39

If you are not able to configure stuff, in the beginning prescribe:

#pragma comment ( lib, "ws2_32.lib" )

The effect is the same, but still there must be a way in settings to prescribe

Answered: 12-09-2011 в 00:42:04