how do you distinguish a fake$ 100 bill from a real one

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how do you distinguish a fake$ 100 bill from a real one
Asked: 04-09-2006 в 11:54:53

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I have a sample, I always check suspicious bills.
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 15:01:00
very simple - take her to the exchanger - if it were taken for examination - so fake, if not normal
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 14:39:25
paper - touch needs to be "velvety"
the embossed font on the edges query - easily felt with the rapid pulling of the bills between thumb and forefinger
the portrait of "jacket" "corrugated", the nail feels good (scratch)
protective strip/watermark/molded into microbology
good to remember also, what kind of bill which the President is depicted (see 50 is made of 5, perchem so not broken style, if you do not know that fifty General Grant, not Lincoln, not immediately you understand, and all the signs of authenticity on the spot - original-not fake)
Generally you can go to any Sberbank, there usually hang posters describing the security elements of banknotes

but paper is the most difficult element of the counterfeited dollar
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 14:43:28
you have to feel it...
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 14:44:09
it is necessary to take the dollars that are not early 1996, and 2000 better was printed old.. no where Burut, only in Egypt and Turkey they can sell
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 15:50:54
And it is not necessary to use the dollars they have already fallen in price, and are falling rapidly.
Answered: 01-09-2006 в 19:17:28