Is there any practical use of the language Brainfuck? [closed]

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Where and how is it used?

Asked: 20-10-2010 в 17:24:09
The name speaks for itself. - 04-04-2011 в 18:46:11
abusive language programming for abusive purposes)) - 24-04-2012 в 18:00:58

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Much practical use of language there. Mainly used for competitions and programming contests.

Answered: 20-10-2010 в 17:28:18
Language abusive name at the Olympics? Lord you know his perversions! - 01-03-2011 в 06:50:41
why are the Olympiads and programming competitions? with what is the use? - 12-07-2011 в 16:26:06
F*ck every different can translate. For example I would translate as "Fucking brain" or "brain stem" =) - 07-04-2012 в 13:04:38

Such languages not designed for practical use. Developed exclusively for fun.

Answered: 12-07-2011 в 14:09:24

A bit of necroposting, but the correct answer did not see.

Language Brainfuck has a fantastic simplicity. To write an emulator at some Brainfuck language is to automatically prove its completeness according to Turing. Turing completeness of a language automatically removes a lot of questions, for example, it is immediately clear that this language is entirely equivalent to any other, time is unpredictable, long, etc.

Answered: 19-07-2012 в 04:49:38

In my opinion, this is purely a joke. Well, tell me: who needs a language in which to display all our favorite "hello world!" should fuck your brain for two hours and write THIS:

>+++++++++[<++++++++>-]<.>+++++++[<++++>-]<+.+++++++..+++.[-]>++++++++[<++++>-] <.>+++++++++++[<+++++>-]<.>++++++++[<+++>-]<.+++.------.--------.[-]>++++++++[ <++++>-]<+.[-]++++++++++.

Personally, I think this is a good exercise in mindfulness and knowledge of the ASCII table. Is the title not clear?

Answered: 03-06-2011 в 22:07:55
brainfuck - founder and the brand of a family of "nightmare" languages. For fans of functional programming, there is "the purest language of FP" - unlambda. The main purpose of the family - exercises for the tail, sorry, for the brain. - 05-06-2011 в 11:24:05

it all depends on what purpose the language was created. if its purpose is to blow up the brain razrabotchiku, I dare to assume that I have

Answered: 24-04-2012 в 19:10:05