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Programs-Hello!:) I had this question: when it is preferable to create static functions and when not? For example, in the case when a function uses a non-static class fields, it is better to make it static and all the necessary parameters to pass, or leave it non-static, and then nothing you tell her is not necessary, but just to access the fields of a class?

Asked: 10-04-2012 в 09:01:02
"Non-static fields of the class" -- it's kind of the instance fields of the class. If you work with them, it is better not to declare the method static. And if you need functions in the traditional sense of the word (e.g. math: sine, cosine) - then static. Because the concept of the function by itself already replaced by a static method of a class (which at first seems strange) - 10-04-2012 в 09:58:12
> what at first seems strange to think of it simply as a namespace. - 10-04-2012 в 11:24:45

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Primitive explanation

Static functions should be used when you want to create an instance of the class. This, for example, a helper class. If the object is created, that is, use the new operator:

Element SomeClass = new SomeClass();

I think this example doesn't make sense to create static method.

For advanced

Must read this article: Seven tips to use static fields, methods and classes

And this is the conclusion of the above article:

When adding static members to the type need to evaluate where it leads during the development period and the period execution. In the development need carefully choose which members will static, and to strive to maintain an object-oriented architecture. Try not to confuse one the class of heterogeneous functionality: the class should not be the landfill is not of related static methods. If the class contains only static members don't forget to mark a class as static or sealed (sealed/NotInheritable) and define a private constructor class to do the impossible the creation of the instance.

Also, remember that the static classes that maintain state between method calls, the default should be to be thread-safe environment. When you design a class, safe in a multithreaded environment, need special care when implementation and testing of the class. Before you begin creating in this class, ask yourself whether these additional costs absolutely necessary.

Security in a multithreaded environment affects performance app. In this article you saw how may decrease performance due to the fact that class has a static constructor. To assess the impact on performance especially important if you write the library is intended for repeated use. Never is not known beforehand whether someone to use your class in the worst case similar to the one described at the beginning article.

Finally, try to carefully document their static classes. Is usually quite clear when static methods assign names the typical operations, as in the case the static Open methods and Copy class System.IO.FileClass. If you implement a non-trivial class preserving state between calls methods of the users class will be interested in details related to performance and security in a multi-threaded environment. The more information about the class you provide in advance, the less time Troubleshooting will spend in further.*

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Very primitive explanation. - 10-04-2012 в 09:43:17
And if my function does not use any non-static internal fields, and all the data gets in the arguments, then mine, it would be logical to make it static. Or am I wrong? - 10-04-2012 в 10:04:54
At least the following considerations: "what for to create an unnecessary instance of the class to call this function"? - 10-04-2012 в 10:35:17
@Danil, static functions in C#, this is some analogue of pure functions, i.e. functions without side effects, which depend only on the passed parameters(with the same parameters always get odinikovo result) therefore you are right - 10-04-2012 в 10:43:16
Making functions static ability, you roll to procedural programming and not be able to apply OOP in OO language - a typical mistake of beginners. - 10-04-2012 в 11:21:30

Static functions are used for convenience, in fact they replace the design:

MyClass MyVar = new MyClass();




in some cases, shorter.

C# a garbage collector is not so important, as the design is not very bulky it turns out, but in Delphi, for example, the gain in terms of code size a lot more.

From the performance point of view static methods are also generally preferable, but not worth chasing performance at the expense of clarity and readability of the code.

Answered: 11-04-2012 в 15:10:10