Resource interpreted as image but transfered with MIME type text/html

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resource interpreted as image but transfered with MIME type text/html: address of the main page

On the website there is this inscription, in chrome developer tools. All dug up. Can not understand what is not pointed out. It is clear from the text that the page type is specified as image, but where to dig I do not understand. And why is the address of the main page always. Tell me, please.

Asked: 06-09-2012 в 12:00:48
It's all good. Don't worry :) - 06-09-2012 в 12:52:43
And I would translate differently: Resource interpreted (recognised) as a picture, but the specified MIME type is "text/html". Therefore, we can assume that You have something wrong in the settings of mime types on the server. In apache they are written in ..\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\mime.types - 06-09-2012 в 14:18:26

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If php try to send content type, possibly in the settings of the web server are sending content type as a picture, but this is unlikely.

header("Content-type: text/html;");
Answered: 06-09-2012 в 14:00:45