what is the beauty of young people appreciate in girls?

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what is the beauty of young people appreciate in girls?
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for me internal qualities are more important...

and then there rasplodilis "beautiful", and will communicate with them disgusting...
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This question is already well studied.
A man appreciates a woman for about half a second, the woman - man - even faster.
In the far distance, the man first drew attention to the growth, then estimates the figure. More middle distance is estimated chest (front) and glutes (rear). These indices are important in the choice of sexual partner, they talk about his (or rather her) health and ability to produce healthy offspring. Pure physiology.
Then evaluated the eyes as the most pokazaniy mental and spiritual status of women, and of the General expression of the face and its features. It is - to evaluate her as a life partner.
Everything happens automatically and unconsciously, at the level of biochemistry. The brain sends a signal "she's pretty" or "look the other way". Evolution, you see...
But when the woman opens her mouth, then begins a conscious evaluation. Entering that part of the "analyzer", which is absent in animals - the Mind.
Hence the conclusion: to attract the attention of men need to have a good appearance, to keep it attention - have a good human qualities.
(Will repeat)
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You first need prevlech appearance, to engage, and then say, "hold" , and inner beauty!
Not all ways to become more beautiful safe - but some are very effective!
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say-peace,I look on the outside,it's the rule of life,the best course to find a middle ground
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Stupid and terrible
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Selfless :)))
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Young! outer beauty..
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Stupid pretty quickly bored, and so only one wish, know what it is. And an ordinary girl with a beautiful soul on the road is not lying
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according to various
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sexy - flew at me at once! However, as the practice of life not at all. Normal young man appreciates a girl as the mother of his children, wife and mistress. So it is enough to be beautiful in those areas to like men!
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Of the soul, but the beauty demands victims.From the girls of course victims.
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