Git under Windows

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Good afternoon.

You need to put git on Windows. Tell me what to put? And if you can, GUI.

On the wiki look, but would like to know the opinion of those, who with what worked.

Asked: 06-09-2012 в 13:18:34
and there will be problems with Linux-im git? (for ideas don't have of course) - 06-09-2012 в 13:19:33 or + - 06-09-2012 в 13:22:55
And you yourself used? Everything is fine, no problems? - 06-09-2012 в 13:27:17
Well, the integration of, for example, in Visual Studio , is a separate question, but GitHub client special trouble arose. - 06-09-2012 в 13:28:30

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Heh, just the article on Habre I read about it ;)

Expand local server on Windows.

Answered: 06-09-2012 в 13:23:22